The Benefits of AESKI Club Membership

Why join Aeski?

Membership of Aeski Club offers a number of advantages and privileges including:

  • Priority bookings,
  • Accommodation at considerably discounted rates, discount rates extend to the Member's family and friends (conditions apply).
  • Members' storage locker.
  • Ability to apply for onsite 4WD parking permits.
  • Each member is entitled up to 12 bed nights for guests at members rates (conditions apply). If all 12 bed nights have been used, members are entitled to a 25% discount off full public rates for accompanying guests staying in their room.


Are Memberships available?

Yes and no... No new Memberships in Aeski Club are being issued with the total membership fixed at 80. However Membership may be purchased from a resigning Member.


How much do Aeski Club Memberships cost?

The purchase price of Membership Rights is not fixed. It is determined by negotiated agreement between buyers and sellers.


How do I join?

Membership of Aeski Club Ltd can only be gained through the purchase, by approved applicants, of an existing membership. The transfer of membership is a transaction between seller and buyer, and Aeski club is not a party to the transaction.

The Club provides support for the membership transfers by putting buyers and sellers in contact.  A list of members who have notified their intention to sell and have agreed for contact details to be available to the public. The details published are name, email address, telephone numbers, and the selling price in the case where the price has been supplied by the member. The second is a list of bona fide buyers who have requested their contact details be available to sellers. The buyers list will be made available to any member who requests a copy.


The Share Sale Process:

  1.  A member interested in selling their share may register their name and contact details with the Aeski Secretary for these details to be forwarded to potential buyers
  2. The buyer and seller agree a sale price
  3. The buyer forwards the payment to the Aeski Secretary (cheque, bank transfer, etc)
  4. The seller forwards the share certificate transfer documentation (or equivalent) to the Aeski Secretary
  5. The Aeski Secretary obtains any outstanding money and receives locker keys etc from the seller (as agreed to be part of the sale between the buyer and seller).
  6. After all the above items are finalised the Aeski Secretary updates the share register, issues a share certificate and receipt copy to the buyer and forwards payment to the seller. The buyer, upon being issued a share certificate, is awarded member benefits (congratulations).